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Full-Care Stall Board
$500 / month

  • Private Stall

  • Space in tack room

  • Access to shelter when in pastures

  • Access to all facilities

  • Fly/Sun and Winter blankets applied as needed

  • Feeding twice daily. Grain included in price. Supplements provided at owner's expense.

  • Grass / Hay included

  • Wormed regularly

  • Farrier services arranged including hold fee (shoeing paid by owner)

Pasture Board
$300/ month

  • In pasture 24/7

  • Access to shelter in pastures

  • Access to all facilities

  • Grass / Hay included

  • Wellness checks daily

  • Wormed regularly


Available Upgrades:​

  • $75/mo extra to include feeding with our grain choices 2x daily

  • $50/mo extra to feed with grain supplied by owner 2x daily

  • $25/mo extra for tack storage


We are proud to provide ADM's Forage First Patriot line of feed. We regularly stock Patriot Performance and Patriot Senior.

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  • Holding for vet/farrier/contractor - $10/ea

  • Wound Care - $5/ea

  • Medicine (other than supplements with feed) - $5/ea

  • Hand Walking - $5/ea

  • Blanketing/un-blanketing (for pasture board horses) - $5/ea

  • Provide your own grain - no cost, we will feed it once or twice day as requested in replacement of the grains we supply (must pay for feeding or full care)

  • Supplements - you supply (must pay for feeding or full care)

  • Overnight stall - $5/day for pasture boarded horses

  • Dry Lot - $5/day for pasture boarded horses

  • Trailer Storage - $20/month

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